No. 84: Sutton Foster

All you fellow theatre people out there: you saw the news today, correct? Just in case you didn’t, please go to your regular Broadway news sites (whether it be or Broadway World) and come back when you’ve read what I’m talking about.

Good? Cool. So, Hugh Jackman himself is pretty amazing. But to add Sutton Foster to this production? You’re just spoiling us even more than we ever thought we could be. Don’t know who Sutton Foster is? Allow me to explain: Sutton Foster is one of the most amazing performers in the theatre world. Her belt is out of this universe, she can tap dance while doing so, and her presence is so incredibly commanding. Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, Jo in Little Women, and so, so many more are just some examples of the amazing female leads she’s played on Broadway. She’s a true inspiration to so many in the theatre world with her story. High school Natalie (and let’s be honest, 23-year old Natalie still does) idolized her like crazy.

To the Sutton Fosters of this world, thank you for your gifts. I absolutely cannot wait until the fall of 2020 when I inevitably go see this astounding revival led by two of the most talented theatre actors of our time.

(You can thank me later)

No. 83: Nail Polish Remover

I go pretty much at least once every month/month and a half to get my nails done (it’s something my mom and I do together). My next appointment is scheduled for next Sunday, but my blue gel polish started to chip away last night after I smashed my nail against my phone while setting its stopwatch feature. As someone who is easily distracted and who can have difficulty focusing, I knew the chipped nail polish would catch my attention more than I would prefer.

And so, I asked my mom where the nail polish remover was, impatiently soaked my fingers in it for about twenty minutes (okay, it was more like twelve until I impatiently started picking it off myself), and removed all of the polish. My nails don’t look that attractive right now, but I’m glad to be rid of that potential distraction.

I may not admire your smell or love the arduous process that comes along with removing gel nail polish, but thank you for assisting me today, nail polish remover. You did me a solid.

(Also, shout out to my mom and brother as I sat in the living room and asked “has it been twenty minutes yet” every 45 seconds. True story.)

No. 82: Ticonderoga Pencils

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to Target to find a watch. I’m one of those people that goes to a store in search of one thing and comes out with a bunch of other items I didn’t intend to buy. So what did I come out with yesterday? A watch, yes, but also a few of those really nice and thick highlighters, a non-mechanical pencil sharpener, and my favorite: Ticonderoga pencils.

Ticonderoga pencils are the best. If you don’t agree with me, or don’t know the reasoning as to my argument that Ticonderoga pencils are the best, then let me break it down for you: their erasers are second to none, they oftentimes come pre-sharpened, and they are super easy to hold while writing. Absolutely perfect for a math test or a logic game.

If you’ve only been using pens lately, I challenge you to try out two different pencils, one a store brand and the other a Ticonderoga, and tell me you do not agree with me. Ticonderoga pencils have been my saving grace these past few days. I’m grateful to be using them.

No. 81: Target

I went to Target after work today in search of an analog wristwatch to wear when I take the LSAT next Saturday (I promise I will stop writing that dreaded acronym very soon). Just as about 95% of the population also does, I love going to Target. Is there really a person who doesn’t love going to Target? Hypothetical question aside, I haven’t been in a long while, too, so it was really, really nice going into one this evening.

Thanks, Target. Your bright hallways, plethora of items, and distinct popcorn/Starbucks smell will always make my day even better than one where I don’t visit you.

No. 80: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I’ve been (and will be) in crunch mode as of recent with all of this studying logic and conditional reasoning and causality and whatnot. While I’m grateful for all of the tricks and strategies I’m learning, it’s left my brain a little fried, and my mood a little sour.

But you know what brightened my day today? The fact that our dining hall was serving my favorite kind of pizza today: buffalo chicken. I hardly ever get pizza from the dining hall because they always offer something far healthier and being a responsible(-ish) adult, I go for that option 97% of the time. Today was my 3% day, though, and eating that delicious slice of buffalo chicken pizza put me in a much better mood.

Thank you, buffalo chicken pizza, for being my friend for about ten-ish years now and for always being accompanied by a great story. You do wonders for my life.

No. 79: Against the Grain Broadway Composers

Last year, I saw a show called The Band’s Visit. It was a beautiful musical that explored the theme of human connection, but it was an even more beautiful score by David Yazbeck that I fell in love with when I first heard it. It was soothing, and the perfect combination of lush, yet minimalistic. I even actually listened to it during my car ride to work this morning and it totally calmed me down from the fury that comes with annoyingly unexpected (and unwarranted, in my opinion) traffic.

I’m also seeing a show called Hadestown in a little over two weeks from now. It’s been on my radar for a while now, with a concept album and off-Broadway cast album having been released some time ago, and I know just from hearing the music it will be one hell of a show (pun too good to not substitute “heck” in there). I’m not one who ever thought I’d say I’d like folk music; I cringed at the genre in my freshman year of college when my Music Appreciation professor made us listen to “Little Boxes”. But listening to Hadestown is a different experience, one its composer Anaïs Mitchell has perfectly created by fusing folk with musical theatre. That’s part of why I love musical theatre: it always surprises me in the best sense of the word.

I’m grateful for those Broadway composers who fuse their talents and genius to give us a finished product full of authenticity, wonder, and thought-provoking content. So much of what we see nowadays is derivative, and while I understand the industry’s goals, it’s refreshing when you get genuinely smart and lush cast albums to listen to whenever and wherever you want. Their works are treasures, and I’m glad I live in a time when such music exists.

To those who give us these creations, including David Yazbeck, Anaïs Mitchell, Adam Guettel, Duncan Sheik, and so, so many others, thank you.

No. 78: Dunkin’ Donuts

The start of this week hasn’t been going so well for me in the sense that I’ve been feeling more and more drowsy after 2pm than I ever have before. Not really the situation I want to be in right now, but nevertheless that’s what’s been happening.

So I did something yesterday I never do in the afternoon, let alone during the work week: I went to my local Dunkin’. I say this because I only ever go on the weekends typically. I can’t even remember the last time I went to Dunkin’ in the morning during the regular week, as I actually try to avoid it (really only because of that horrible dip in the pavement getting out of my local shop’s drive thru- it’s horrible). And I went again today, ordering my favorite iced coffee and I feel a whole lot better and energized.

Thank you for being a loyal friend, Dunkin’. I’ll definitely be counting on you and your iced coffee these next few days.

No. 77: The Office

I’m in the midst of some intense LSAT studying. Let me just say, it’s necessary, but it’s not necessarily the most fun thing I could be doing upon returning home from work.

But you know what made it worth it just now? I decided to take a much needed break by turning the TV on, and one of my favorite scenes from The Office came on. That scene? The one where Michael, at the end of the episode, auditions for a local community theatre by performing various snippets from Law & Order.

It was the perfect way to change my somewhat agitated mood and it gave me a much needed laugh. Thank you, Office, for helping this girl out.

(And if you need a good laugh as well, here ya’ go):

No. 76: Tomatoes

I don’t think I’ve adequately addressed my love for tomatoes on the blog yet, which is weird because I love tomatoes (to the extent that I love water). It’s literally a thought I have every single day. They’re my favorite vegetable (or fruit, depending on how you roll) full of amazing health benefits but with an even more amazing eating experience. I love packing cherry tomatoes as a snack, and don’t even get me started on my Pinterest food board- it’s pretty much loaded with recipes for roasted tomatoes (my absolute favorite not so guilty pleasure).

Truth be told, I didn’t even have tomatoes today. I’m just writing about them now because thinking of them in all their glory makes me incredibly happy; the texture, the health benefits, the taste. Tell me, what is more beautiful than a fresh, plump, ready to be eaten tomato?

Thank you, tomatoes, for all the goodness you bring. You’re the life of the party in my health food world, and I’m deeply grateful for that.

Image result for roasted tomatoes
(Probably salivating right now)

No. 75: Dentist

I went to the dentist today. What I’m grateful for first- no cavities! This was me when my dentist actually said I was good for six months:

Image result for hooray gif
(Accurate- minus the champagne)

That great news aside, I’m grateful to have dental insurance so that I can actually go to the dentist twice a year. I’m grateful for my dentist, Dr. Bob, as well, for being the only dentist I’ve ever gone to and for always looking after the well-being of my teeth. Some people absolutely loathe going to the dentist, and while I do get nervous time to time before my six month cleaning, I’m glad that my dentistry experiences have been welcoming and familial.

See you in September!