No. 30: 2020

I’m going to attribute this to my watching so much of The West Wing as of recent (as well as to my strong disdain for our current president and my disdain for many Republicans right now), but I am in full 2020 mode. I am ready to learn more about each of the candidates, to pick someone who I think will realistically be able to work with both sides, get the job done, and who holds my values and morals. And my pick for 2020 as of now?

Honestly, anyone. (Okay, we can eliminate Trump. And, if I’m being honest with myself, we can eliminate 99% of all Republicans. But still, a pretty big pool of people is left.). I’ll pretty much be happy with whoever runs against Trump. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, etc. And if Bernie winds up being the Democratic nominee, I’ll proudly vote for him, too. As much as I respect all of those people (and I genuinely do), I’m just grateful that in less than two years, we can elect out someone who I deeply consider to be an embarrassment and who does not reflect the majority of the American people (and that’s a fact).

I love political campaigns, especially when they start. I love watching CNN every night, I love watching The West Wing as a way to get myself revved up and ready to go. And my fingers are very much crossed and I am knocking away at some wood right now, but I cannot wait for November of 2020.

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