No. 33: Fun Home

Due to a slight change of plans, I’m spending my Saturday night doing it up the same way I am sure a lot of other 23 year olds are: seeing a show I have been longing to see for awhile, Fun Home, presented by Haddonfield Plays & Players.

(In case you couldn’t tell, that was a joke- though I am sure many of you are very much like me and would jump at the chance to see it, too…..)

I’m somewhat aware of the plot and I have the original Broadway cast album downloaded in my music library, but it’s a musical with which I’m not as familiar as I am others. For that alone, I’m excited to immerse myself in this kind of show and for me to learn something new, as I always do from these types of theatre experiences.

I’m grateful to live in an area where community theatre is prevalent and where I have easy access to it so that I can see a show whenever I want, essentially. Thank you for your magic, theatre, and for always giving us the chance to see another point of view. Thank you.

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