No. 35: Warmth

Following the bitter cold we endured this past week, we finally had a bit of a break: we had warmth.

Let me tell you, it was really, really nice to be able to walk the 20 minutes from work to the PATCO station with only a light rain jacket on. No scarf, no hat, no gloves. Nada. And on top of that, it was even nicer when I was able to take my jacket off while on the train. It was also nice walking from the Woodcrest station to my car without one on, too, until I realized I was literally the only person walking back to my car without a coat or jacket on. (I know I’m crazy and weird already, but-?)

Regardless, it was warm. I enjoyed it. I reveled in it. Days like these remind me of when I was in high school and college and the teacher/professor would either suggest we go outside for class or would cancel class altogether. It was as if we were in April or early May, my favorite time of the year, so I was very grateful for the day.

Maybe you really can predict the weather, Phil, and maybe this week is the early spring we (mostly I) desperately want. I know it’ll end eventually, but thank you for the short, yet very much needed reprieve from the cold.

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