No. 36: Exercise

Continuing on with my last post about warmth, I felt it appropriate to detail how the warm weather always motivates me to exercise. Now, I did not actually take advantage of the gorgeous weather, but rather chose to do so inside by doing one of my favorite activities (Just Dance) for about forty five minutes (I know it makes absolutely no sense, so take that logic as you will).

I was pretty diligent about my diet and exercise regimen last April through July, and I did indeed witness some progress. My doctor actually took note of it at my annual check-up that summer, and I felt really proud of myself. It was honestly a refreshing change of pace for me. But sadly, with my busy schedule and lack of motivation, I fell off the wagon again. I’ve fallen off the wagon many, many times, finding some excuse to make up for it.

I splurged on some activewear I fell in love with that will hopefully keep me focused. I don’t want to make anymore excuses or explanations. I’m tired of it. And so I’m grateful for today, the day I get back on track, and am also grateful for all the fulfillment exercising brings.

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