No. 38: Surprise Gift

Let me tell you a short story about something that made me happy to work where I do.

I was sitting at my desk this past Monday working on generating pledge invoices when a coworker came into the Development/Marketing office with an array of wrapped gifts. Though I saw her in my periphery, I somewhat shrugged it away and returned to my work. To my surprise, however, she handed me one of the gifts. I was perplexed, and she continued on by saying how one of our major donors and board members stopped on campus that day to deliver these late Christmas gifts.

After my coworker left, I looked at the label to find both mine and the donor’s name, with a note, “a late thanks”, affixed to it. I opened the wrapping paper as neatly as I could (because this was indeed one of the nicest wrapped gifts I have ever seen and have ever been given the privilege to open) to be welcomed by a sweet, delicious surprise.

Given everything this particular donor has gone through- the pain of losing their beloved spouse a few months ago and mountains of legal matters that have piled up as a result -it’s truly amazing that she thought about me, a relatively new, entry level staff member, and my fellow coworkers for even a second. It’s a strong testament to the kinds of people that truly love Moore, and I am honored to be working at an all-women’s arts college where alumni from decades ago give back out of true gratitude and love for what the school gave them.

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