No. 41: Downton Abbey

Ever since I saw the preview for the upcoming movie last month, I’ve been watching the remainder of what I have left of Downton Abbey. The show transports me to the Britain I have fallen in love with from afar, and even though I’ve technically never been there or been abroad, it makes me feel as though I have been. I love the show in and of itself- it’s dynamic characters, complex plot lines, and it’s ability to depict life as the gray “and” it truly is rather than the “or” many of us wish it were.

But what I also love about the show, especially as of recent, is its ability to motivate me to work toward something I have desperately wanted to do for the past ten years: travel to Europe. There have been many opportunities I have missed out on due to my circumstances, but with where I am now, there is absolutely nothing holding me back anymore. One of my goals for the near future is indeed to travel. I’ve been doing more research than ever before, and I really want to make it happen within the next two years. I want to see the Colosseum, the Swiss Alps, Notre Dame, the West End, and so, so much more. And so I’m grateful for Downton Abbey’s richness and for its helping me to realize one of my biggest dreams.

For now, I’m going to continue doing my researching and budgeting while I pretend to eat crumpets and drink tea along with the characters who inhabit Downton.

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