No. 67: Bob Shannon

A few days ago, I received word that Bob Shannon, the longtime Quaker City String Band captain and unofficial face of the entire String Band Association, passed away. I never met him, but the stories I heard about him made it feel like I did, at least a little.

Bob was the one always in front of the camera. As a string band captain, it kind of comes naturally with the territory, but even after he retired he still found his way on every single New Years Day broadcast with Steve Highsmith and Jake Hart. He was, like I said, the face of the String Band Association.

I’ll also never forget my mom telling me that it was Bob who came up to her after an infamous String Band debacle from the early 90s and said something along the lines of: “Men can be really stupid, huh?

I’m definitely paraphrasing a little there, but I think it really gives a great glimpse as to who he was and what he was about. He gave my mom a lot of comfort by being there for her, even though he didn’t even really know her, and for that, I’m most definitely grateful.

Thank you, Bob, for everything you have done for your community. You’ve left an extraordinary legacy that will never be forgotten.

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(Photo credit: Philadelphia Inquirer)

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