No. 68: Car Wash

I did a few errands this morning. Trying to be a responsible new car owner and all, one of them was taking my car to the car wash.

One of my favorite books from my middle school years, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (or Sarah Dessert, as my old eighth grade history teacher used to playfully scorn me with on the daily), has this really great scene between the two central characters in the car wash. In the book, one of the characters mentions the car wash is the perfect place to crank up any kind of music, because it will always sound good. I myself have done it all the time, and it never fails.

So for this car wash, I chose to listen to the song “Xanadu” performed by Olivia Newton John, watching as the beautiful combination of soap and water washed away the dirt, grime, salt, and snow debris that have accumulated on my beloved Jazzy over the past couple of weeks, and it was refreshingly delightful.

Thank you for taking care of my car, local car wash in Woodbury. She sparkles just like she did when I first got her.

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