No. 70: Grapes

I had red grapes with my lunch today. It was the best decision I could have made for this awkward, day after daylight savings time Monday.

Let me tell you why I love grapes.  First, I love how they look in what I’ve said is the most underrated Disney movie of all time, Hunchback (if you read my previous post about water and Aladdin, yes, I’m that type of weird Disney fan). In all seriousness though, grapes are just totally delicious. You can get them in different colors, they’re packed with healthy vitamins, they help protect against some cancers, and they decrease blood sugar levels. Most importantly, they help give us wine. Enough said.

Thank you for your beautiful powers, grapes. Now excuse me while I go pull out my Hunchback VHS and obsess over those grapes for the millionth time.

(Come on, don’t tell me they aren’t beautiful)

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