No. 118: Jersey Sangria Berry

My mom went to a baby shower November of last year and came back with a new staple in our wine cabinet: Jersey Sangria Berry.

This particular wine has a fruity, yet tart flavor, and it’s the perfect drink during the spring/summer months when you need that alcoholic juiciness. If you want to try it out, you can order it right here at this link or you can go to Heritage Winery in Mullica Hill and see if you can pick up a bottle. I promise it’s worth it.

I had this wine last night, and I’m grateful for helping me relax and for a taste that I find just sweet enough.

No. 117: Sabrina’s Cafe

I’m a true millennial, meaning I find/rate restaurants I want to go to by judging their Instagram accounts. It’s actually been a pretty great way for me in finding quality restaurants, so don’t judge me or my tendency to take a gazillion pictures of my food (yeah, I’m one of those people).

So with that knowledge, of course, I just HAD to get to Sabrina’s in Collingswood one day. I mean, basically everyone but me has been there, so what was I missing out on?Turns out, I was missing out on a lot: great service, wait staff, menu selections, and a casual, yet chic aesthetic. And best yet- a Game of Thrones themed brunch in honor of the final season.


Thanks, Sabrina’s, for being everything I wanted you to be. I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting you again in the near future.

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No. 116: Fresh Haircut

I took off of work today mostly because two of my other coworkers did, the hectic-ness of crowdfunding week, and me saying “why not?” (note: I acknowledge this may not be the best reason to take a personal day, but I had two left to use in the span of the next two months and it needed to be used anyway, so deal).

I decided to actually honor this day as a true personal day and do the one thing I have been absolutely needing to do literally for the past year: get a haircut. A truly amazing family friend usually does my hair (thanks Aunt Reenie!), but I went into Woodbury to Images, a place I’ve been going at least once or twice a year since I was about nine.

It was glorious. The feeling of getting your hair washed and conditioned is always amazing, the conversation with the hairstylist was pretty decent, and having my hair blow dried felt really great (yes, even when you forget there’s a tornado warning and it’s supposed to thunderstorm – see below Instastory caption).

Thank you, Images, and thank you, new haircut.

(Plot twist – my hair survived!)

No. 115: NFL Draft

In case you are truly NOT a sports fan at all, the NFL Draft officially started tonight.

While I fortunately (or unfortunately?) missed working on the Parkway when the draft was in Philly two years ago, I like the excitement of the draft. I love watching fresh-out-of-college players get that phone call from their agent while surrounded by friends and family. We get to see these people’s lives change in the blink of an eye and it’s inspiring.

You may have your issues, NFL, but just know that your annual draft gives us a lot to look forward to and a whole lot to be grateful for.

No. 114: Crowdfunding

Today was a big day at work- it was crowdfunding day.

I’ve never actually participated in a crowdfunding day, but let me tell you- it’s thrilling. I entered work today pumped to start sending out messages to our constituencies. It was absolutely amazing connecting with alums and friends who loved our personalized efforts. It was great talking with them about why they love Moore, and I became even more grateful to work where I do.

We’re still short of our goal, so please please please seriously consider making some sort of a donation. You can donate right here:

Every donation counts. Even $1.00. Yes, even $1.00. Just know that, if you do decide to donate, that you’ll be donating to an institution that I’ve grown to love and cherish. It’s one with a mission to educate and prepare women for careers in the arts that I am fully behind. I know that every single dollar makes the biggest difference- I see it every day. These students are exceptional. They inspire me with their passion and talent, and they so so so deserve every single dollar we can raise for them.

Now help us get to 100 donors by midnight! I promise, you won’t regret it. 🙂

No. 113: CJ

Today is my brother C.J.’s birthday, and for one month we will both be the same age of 23 (a pretty good sibling anecdote for us Irish twins).

C.J. and I are pretty much complete contradictions of each other in every sense of the word. I won’t bother going into all that makes us different, though, because there is a whole lot that we share: a love of music, of cats, The Office, sports, and more that I’m definitely forgetting right now.

My brother is pretty much as stubborn as can be, but he’s always been there for me. He was particularly a great source of support when I was in graduate school. He never failed to be there for me when I came home after a day full of work and class at night, as stressed and ragged as could be. I’ve nicknamed them our “10 o’clock chats”, where we would literally just rant to each other for about an hour. Though they don’t happen as often as they did last year, I’m grateful to have had a sibling to talk and vent to.

Happy birthday, C.J. Here’s to 23 more!

No. 112: Tulips

Philly is in full spring mode. And it seems that everywhere I go, there’s a pink or yellow tulip somewhere. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition to the urban setting, but they’re also full of meaning for me.

Tulips remind me of my Grandma Maz. She passed away a few years ago, but I remember every Easter season going over to house with a flower, usually a tulip, and talking about whatever was going on in the string band world with either Entertainment Tonight or Wheel of Fortune playing in the background. I miss that so, so much.

Tulips are a welcome sign in my world, and I’m grateful to be seeing them everyday.

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No. 111: Easter

Today, as I am sure you all know, is Easter Sunday, the day Jesus is resurrected from the dead (and also, coincidentally enough, the Queen’s birthday). While many see it as a day designated for pictures with the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, and tons of chocolate, it’s also a day that makes us believe in the impossible and in the goodness that ultimately prevails.

I’m grateful for that.

It’ll be a quaint day with just the three of us at our place, but I’m grateful for one of the more religious holidays full of food, family, and relaxing.

No. 110: The Pour House

Me, my mom, a family friend (hi Pam!), and my brother went out for my brother’s birthday, which is on Tuesday. We go out all the time whenever it’s someone’s birthday and this time, C.J. chose to go to The Pour House.

I guess he chose that after I came back last November after having gone my first time raving about their short rib cheese fries. And when I say “raving”, I am absolutely not kidding. They are the bomb. Literally the best cheese fries I have ever had.

What made yesterday even more fun at The Pour House was the fact that the Sixers were on, and thus the entire bar/restaurant was alive, clapping at the TV every time we scored and yelling at it when Butler was ejected. It was an exciting atmosphere to be part of, and a lot more fun than I thought it would.

Thank you for your delicious food and thrilling atmosphere, Pour House. You always give me a great time that I’m sure to remember.

No. 109: Higher-Than-What-I-Thought LSAT Score

I got my LSAT score back today. Just like my favorite vlogger (I see you there, Grace), I won’t tell you what I got, but I will say my score was the goldilocks of scores, and I couldn’t be happier with that.

I was an anxious mess last night, waking up three times with scores of “1603”, “101”, “0” (if you aren’t familiar with the LSAT, none of those scores are possible). In fact, right after I finished the LSAT three weeks ago, I had the number “138” in my mind (which is not a great score at all).

I’m on the other side of it now, and I’m grateful, even though I’m going to take it again in July to try and improve my score by (hopefully) 5/6-ish points. But even more so, I’m grateful to have done better than how I thought I did, and for knowing I have a fighting chance at being accepted into so many great schools.