No. 96: Smart Series Finales

The series finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend aired this past Friday night. I’ll try to save the spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched it, but I’ll just say that I am more than happy with how the writers ended the show.

If you don’t want ANY spoilers at all, this is your cue to duck out (but thanks for coming!)

At its heart, this show was always about female empowerment and women helping women find themselves, whether it be Paula for Rebecca or Aline for Rachel. Ending it on that note, with that thesis statement, really resonated with me. It was an incredibly fulfilling ending and, to be perfectly honest, it was an ending that got me thinking about what my own story will look like. We never know for certain what the future has in store for us, and though I am the type of person who likes to have some sort of idea or plan, I have a funny feeling there’s something even greater and surprising in store for me, too.

Thank you to literally everyone involved with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. You entered my life at a moment when I needed you the most, and you’ve given me a lot of inspiration for my own future.


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