No. 97: Hadestown

I saw a show yesterday that, mark my words, is bound to do well this coming Tony season: Hadestown.

I’ve been following the show for a while now. I have this uncanny ability of predicting when the next piece of great, original theatre is going to hit (don’t doubt me on this- I did purchase Hamilton tickets at face value six months prior to going AND managed to sit four rows behind Barack Obama). I bought my Hadestown tickets months ago as well, and the week leading up to it was especially excruciating because I could not wait to see what Rachel Chavkin imagined for us to see on the stage with Anais Mitchell’s already released, gorgeous folk music (and who would have ever thought I’d compliment folk music?)

I’m grateful for original theatre like Hadestown. It’s not a show that makes you happy the whole time, but it’s one that makes you think. We need more art like this in the world and I’m grateful for the small morsels of it that we get.

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