No. 100: 100

Wow- I’m actually at 100. It’s been 100 days of me writing about things I’m grateful for. I’m glad I’ve stuck with it. It hasn’t necessarily been the journey I was expecting, but it’s been pretty rewarding so far. It’s great when someone I write about tells me how much it meant to them, or when I connect with someone over a mutual interest.

The story of this blog itself is an interesting one (trust me on that). When this project nears it’s completion, I hope I’m able to convey my reasons as to why I started it as truthfully and honestly as I can. I may not necessarily be able to do that, but thank you for your willingness to read along as I write about things both big and small. You’ve proven how amazing life can be, and I’ve been proven lucky to have so many great people along for the ride.

Only 264 days left!

One thought on “No. 100: 100

  1. You are an amazing writer!! I’ve enjoyed reading your writings. Keep it up and follow your heart!! Love you!!

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