No. 113: CJ

Today is my brother C.J.’s birthday, and for one month we will both be the same age of 23 (a pretty good sibling anecdote for us Irish twins).

C.J. and I are pretty much complete contradictions of each other in every sense of the word. I won’t bother going into all that makes us different, though, because there is a whole lot that we share: a love of music, of cats, The Office, sports, and more that I’m definitely forgetting right now.

My brother is pretty much as stubborn as can be, but he’s always been there for me. He was particularly a great source of support when I was in graduate school. He never failed to be there for me when I came home after a day full of work and class at night, as stressed and ragged as could be. I’ve nicknamed them our “10 o’clock chats”, where we would literally just rant to each other for about an hour. Though they don’t happen as often as they did last year, I’m grateful to have had a sibling to talk and vent to.

Happy birthday, C.J. Here’s to 23 more!

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