No. 116: Fresh Haircut

I took off of work today mostly because two of my other coworkers did, the hectic-ness of crowdfunding week, and me saying “why not?” (note: I acknowledge this may not be the best reason to take a personal day, but I had two left to use in the span of the next two months and it needed to be used anyway, so deal).

I decided to actually honor this day as a true personal day and do the one thing I have been absolutely needing to do literally for the past year: get a haircut. A truly amazing family friend usually does my hair (thanks Aunt Reenie!), but I went into Woodbury to Images, a place I’ve been going at least once or twice a year since I was about nine.

It was glorious. The feeling of getting your hair washed and conditioned is always amazing, the conversation with the hairstylist was pretty decent, and having my hair blow dried felt really great (yes, even when you forget there’s a tornado warning and it’s supposed to thunderstorm – see below Instastory caption).

Thank you, Images, and thank you, new haircut.

(Plot twist – my hair survived!)

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