No. 117: Sabrina’s Cafe

I’m a true millennial, meaning I find/rate restaurants I want to go to by judging their Instagram accounts. It’s actually been a pretty great way for me in finding quality restaurants, so don’t judge me or my tendency to take a gazillion pictures of my food (yeah, I’m one of those people).

So with that knowledge, of course, I just HAD to get to Sabrina’s in Collingswood one day. I mean, basically everyone but me has been there, so what was I missing out on?Turns out, I was missing out on a lot: great service, wait staff, menu selections, and a casual, yet chic aesthetic. And best yet- a Game of Thrones themed brunch in honor of the final season.


Thanks, Sabrina’s, for being everything I wanted you to be. I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting you again in the near future.

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